Indian currency during travel

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Mar 8 5 Comments

Hi folks

I don’t have a bank account or credit card in India. What is the best way to withdraw Indian currency during India travel? I have us bank atm cards Wells Fargo bofa chase etc

Or any credit cards that avoid conversion fees and other charges

Are Indian atms still have money issues



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  • IBM muAG37
    You should be able to withdraw at an ATM once there. Don’t take out too much as it’s nearly impossible to convert rupees into any other currency due to a variety of weird Indian currently laws.
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  • PayPal mrhuddle
    You got to put a travel notice on your bank account.I forgot to do it once and my card was proactively blocked by the bank thinking it was a fraud transaction.
    Mar 8 0
  • Amazon adc963
    Credit card works in most big places (malls, hotels, franchise restaurants). Take a bit of cash and convert at the airport for other incidentals
    Mar 8 0
  • Uber / Ops
    where to?

    Uber Ops

    I get things done and wait for none.
    where to?more
    Being a digitally exoloited Indian,I think I might be able to help! Hmu for anything during your India trip. Happy to help :)
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  • New / Eng neophyte94
    During my last trip to India I was with my father when he was withdrawing money from ATM. For some reason his card declined so I tried mine and to my surprise my Wells Fargo card worked. I would say you have nothing to worry about as there are currency exchange counters at the airport and if don't want to use that then then go for any ATM.
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