Information security for small enterprises and business owners

Charter / Eng wGEI26
Jul 6 6 Comments

Anyone know how small enterprises (non-tech) are fulfiling their InfoSec work? Small non tech companies often cannot hire someone full time or for contract as they have a limited Security work which needs to be completed.
I'm guessing they hire consultants - does anyone know how to find consultants?

(Folks in tech companies will probably figure out how to do Security even if they don't have an expert in the team)


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  • VRenetic / Product cYWQ40
    Most IT consulting business already incorporated basic security packages and have been pushing for clients to adapt into the new norm.
    If you do have a good team and don’t mind managing a side biz, I wouldn’t say that would be a bad move.
    A localized marketing would work okay for small to mid-size businesses but sales team may be needed.
    Jul 7 1
    • Charter / Eng wGEI26
      Good point. Thank you.
      Jul 7
  • New / IT aGaJ36
    I would search for a ‘managed service provider’ in your area. Most of them provide consulting services for all kinds of IT needs.
    Jul 6 1
    • Charter / Eng wGEI26
      I checked Upwork/similar marketplaces but didn't find a ton of options. Do you think it makes sense to have a marketplace specifically for information security consulting?
      Jul 6
  • Coupang


    I am speed.
    MSSP, MSP, MDR. A marketplace would never work because the major players are already established.

    Everyone knows if you want the best MDR you look to Mandiant. ;)
    Jul 6 1
    • Charter / Eng wGEI26
      Got it.
      Jul 7