Infrastructure freelance gigs in gaming?

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I’m a freelancer specialized in „cloud native infrastructure“ and have been a gamer my whole life. My heart bleeds every time a studio butchers they release because „auth servers are down“.

I’m curious to know about their challenges and would like to help mainly to get an insight into the industry. Not planing to spend a lot time doing this since I know they don’t pay well anyways.


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  • Activision Blizzard 86753on
    Definitely not the kind of job a regular studio would give to a freelancer.

    Maybe look for some little indie teams advertising for hell.
    • New / Consultanttnor88
      Right, that’s the thing.. I think the big studios would benefit a lot to have a conversation about modern infrastructure. Not necessarily with me. But that would be an option :)
    • Activision Blizzard 86753on
      Big studios either have an it department or are using cloud and have cloud consultants available from the company (amazon, google, foocloud...)
    • New / Consultanttnor88
      I know, that doesn’t seem to be very successful though. That you call it an IT department already speaks volume. These things need to be part of core engineering not a afterthought
    • Activision Blizzard 86753on
      Oh you want to actually be on the game team? Lol

      1) at big companies game teams already have backend developers, networking code developers, deployment code developers, server engineers, whatever they happen to be called on that team. They know about their special networking needs, their specific cpu/memory needs, how lifecycle management of a container impacts a game server, etc

      2) big companies already have it departments with people that understand cloud networking, cloud vm and container management, storage and file deployment, etc. Despite being called “it department” they are allowed to talk to the server engineers...

      3) if you want to give a presentation to a game team at a big company, go make some small games and a lot of YouTube videos on how you did it, give some talks at industry (gaming or cloud computing) on the tech, turn yourself in to a consultant that is well known and get invited to speak

      4) indie companies don’t necessarily have 1, 2, or 3... so hanging out on forums were aspiring game devs find each other would be a good place to find some opportunities.

      Sorry if you don’t like the answer, but large corporations don’t just bring random freelancers in to some of the most critical parts of their major games.
    • New / Consultanttnor88
      I’m working with large corporations on some of their most critical infrastructure, just not in the gaming industry. I know they have teams for all these things but apparently they aren’t very good at responding to unexpected scaling requirements.
  • Niantic / Engoren
    We could use some help with infra and pay pretty well :) not sure if we're taking freelancers though

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