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Amazon wosncb
Apr 5 10 Comments

Anyone at or know someone at Rover on the corp side that could share some info on the culture, level of complex work, promise of IPO, pay/benefits?

Considering moving from large FAANG to a startup in the Seattle area and I’ve anecdotally heard good things but am not sure how they compare to say a Convoy, Qumulo, Outreach in the above categories.


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  • Uber SDDD
    Heard you have to own a dog to join them 🐶
    Apr 5 1
  • Amazon Melgizecci
    i started interviewing with them but then o joined other company since had an offer but people seem very nice and talented.
    Apr 5 2
    • Amazon wosncb
      Mind sharing what company you joined? Amazon or another?
      Apr 6
    • Amazon Melgizecci
      i joined Snap.
      Apr 7
  • New / Eng RzOT50
    Rover seems like an interesting place to work. I have had my eye on them for when I start applying.
    Apr 6 1
    • New wrcS08
      Do they pay well ?
      Apr 6
  • Amazon Melgizecci
    it is good company
    Apr 5 1
    • Amazon wosncb
      Any specific reasons why?
      Apr 5
  • Convoy rubberduc
    I hear it’s a ruff place to work.
    Apr 7 0