Insurance for wife on h4

Intel mullptr
Apr 28 10 Comments

My wife recently lost her job and is now on h4.
I can't add her on my insurance until next enrollment which is december.
She is getting cobra but it is very expensive.
Can we just buy a health insurance outside? How much does it cost? Which one is good?

Update: it is a qualifying event. I was able to enroll her.
Thanks blind community!


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Most companies have a “change in circumstances” out of cycle enrollment change. This is what covers things like a new baby, spouses job situation changing, etc. Contact HR if you don’t know what you’re looking for.
    Apr 281
    • Tableau ThePlague
      It doesn't depend on companies. It's a government policy. Losing a job is a qualifying life event.
      Apr 28
  • Intel mullptr
    Wow, i just checked and it is a qualifying event. That is such a relief. Thank you so much
    Apr 281
    • Google shito
      You have to do it within k days.
      Apr 28
  • Dell SoniaWu
    Yes it is a qualifying event. You should be able to add/remove her from insurance anytime during the year on new job gain or loss
    Apr 280
  • New hzFR57
    it absolutely is a qualifying event
    Apr 280
  • Intel mullptr
    I dont think losing a job is qualifying event
    Apr 281
    • Intel kryptonite
      My spouse changed job and i was able to add to my intel insurance policy. I think it should be possible for loosing job situation also.
      Apr 28
  • Microsoft @8gt:4()$n
    How much did COBRA cost?
    May 70
  • NetApp scrame
    Is it cobra or corba?
    Apr 280

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