Insurance with turo

Google dumbfcuk
May 17 8 Comments

How does car insurance work when using turo? Anyone using turo can you comment?


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  • Turo / Product ffjuguvyyh
    Hey! This page might help - are you looking to to book a car on Turo or list your vehicle?
    May 18 3
    • Turo / Product ffjuguvyyh
      Oops I just saw your response to someone else. Overall, we offer different tiers of coverage with different deductibles. These are represented in the checkout experience
      May 18
    • Google dumbfcuk
      Thanks... How aboutpersonal car insurances working for turo? Like it does for other usual rental companies like Hertz etc
      May 19
    • Google dumbfcuk
      Just checked with Geico.. they don't cover for turo
      May 20
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    So you want to drive or let others drive your car?
    May 17 1
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Their website says they include some insurance when making a rental.
    May 17 0
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    If you're driving, cough up the money for their insurance. They make a killing on the more expensive cars but I just think of it as a booking fee.

    Not sure what good options are for car owners though.
    May 17 0