Intel Layoffs?

Microsoft ooohtb
Apr 16 7 Comments


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  • Yup. There will be a bigly announcement tomorrow in a town hall by our bean counter CEO.
    Apr 16 1
    • Amazon VYFa25
      So what is the news?
      Apr 29
  • New wkn5x8w
    I'm glad the incels are leaving
    Apr 16 4
    • Google / Eng catburglar
      Lol what
      Apr 16
    • Oracle / Data bendy
      Must be a typo
      Apr 16
    • Cisco tutus
      You are actually a dumbo ! It’s always better to have competitors! Even us engineers can switch jobs and take more salary !
      Apr 16
    • Comcast / Eng UqwT85
      this troll is in every other thread, cisco
      Apr 16