Intel’s new CMO

Salesforce SyntxNnja
Oct 5 4 Comments

Best of luck to you all that are in Marketing at Intel. Don’t believe anythjng you’re told by your new CMO. Trust is earned.


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  • Cisco Serwasvjo
    Lmao someone from Salesforce commenting about a former Cisco CEO...c’mon dude, don’t tarnish Karen - she was extremely nice.

    She was phenomenal and extremely caring. I think she’ll do wonders at Intel. She changed the way Cisco does Marketing
    Oct 6 0
  • Intel zd34sfg
    Yeah please can you let us know more. Couple of people that I work with will work with her directly so any insights that you can share will be useful
    Oct 6 0
  • Oracle dragonflyy
    Tell us more
    Oct 5 0
  • Intel / Product shaktikpur
    Care to elaborate?
    Oct 5 0


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