Intern return from other bets to Google?

Amazon cLdC56
Mar 2 3 Comments

For software intern at Google other bets (Waymo, Verily, Nest), is it possible to apply return to Google teams at the end of internship?

Also, for new grad, “brand name” seems important to attract HR attention, so is it okay to put Google logo on LinkedIn or write sth like Google(Waymo) or Google(Verily) on résumé to attract more opportunities? Because I highly doubt many HRs may have never heard Waymo or Verily. But if I do so, would this be considered as cheating?



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  • Google / Eng uQoY38
    Don't put Google on your resume if you didn't work at Google. Waymo is not part of Google, it's part of Alphabet. If I saw that on a resume, I would think you were clueless not intentionally lying because it's so ridiculous.
    Mar 4 0
  • Google lup
    As of the past 6 months, interns can no longer go to Google if the interned elsewhere without additional interviews.
    May 27 0
  • Amazon cLdC56
    Really hope to get any information from Googlers! Thx!
    Mar 2 0


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