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Apple Rntcm
Jun 26, 2018 5 Comments

I am trying to find out how companies decide what countries to pick when they expand overseas.

If I want to pitch a certain country where there is no presence of big tech companies but has good talents, how should I pitch this idea and to who?

How did countries like Singapore, China, India, Japan...etc attract tech companies to begin with? Did an executive or a VP wake up one day and say: β€œWe will open our office in Singapore”? Or did people from Singapore lobby the tech companies? (SG is just one example here)


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  • Thumbtack / Eng DKwx48
    There are lot of consulting companies that provide recommendations based on talent access, govt policies, tax implications etc
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  • Who do you want to pitch and why?????
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  • Yahoo 7331er
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  • ServiceNow / Eng thatsncguy
    Usually the governments attract companies with tax benefits, big contracts, provide free land/power for operating a company etc. If the company feels they can find enough talent pool in that area and the benefits extended to them are worth their investment, they may consider it. Ultimately it all comes down to how much would it help the company grow.
    Jun 26, 2018 0
  • Qualcomm recode
    In some larger companies, HR or Strategy groups have a workforce planning function that handles these kinds of scenarios. Other avenues are via real estate/facilities (they are informed about new locations by vendors and such) or via tax/finance (govts network and reach out re: tax incentives for setting up centers etc)
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