International transfer possibility for wife in Indian tech companies to US

Amazon ifTx37
Feb 22 3 Comments

Hey guys.. How open are companies to do an international transfer if an employee gets married. I am guessing this is easier than sending person on L1 as visa problem is already handled (h4)
. Anybody had this experience...? Shall we try this out before going on MS and Opt route

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  • Microsoft naaam
    Amazon transfers a lot if L5 and above. Microsoft is possible for 62 and above. WITCH companies- lots of scammers will be already in queue.
    Feb 22 1
    • ANSYS salsa7
      Liked your last line. 😂 How true.
      Feb 23
  • Amazon ifTx37
    Are there specific companies where this is easier.. Like Amazon etc. Please suggest
    Feb 22 0