Interview Process at Unity

New bIoJ85
Feb 3 4 Comments

Preparing for a software developer / customer support at Unity interview. Apparently we'll be working with other clients and help them make their games. Any tip for the interview? Really want to get this job.


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Microsoft bigsixhero
    You're interviewing for sde and csr at the same time? Is this normal at Unity?
    Feb 3 1
    • New bIoJ85
      Yea, it does sound weird. The team will be working on games/products of other companies made with Unity as part of Unity's enterprise support.
      Feb 3
  • Unity / Biz Dev frdiemrcry
    Is that DRE/Professional Services related role? What's the title of the position?
    Mar 20 0
  • Unity breadz
    Lol are you sure this not a solutions consultant/engineer role? Customer support and sde don’t go together
    Feb 4 0