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Amazon / Product thxdvne
Feb 7 7 Comments

Amazon has Leadership Principles (LP), and internally, there is a recommended list of questions for each LP. I would speculate that 90% of questions are asked from those lists. It's pretty easy to get that list from your contacts at Amazon.

I am looking for something similar for a role of Manager of Product Managers at Facebook, Google, Uber, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce

Will be great if you can share those if you work (or have worked) at one of those companies, or are aware of any resources available on the internet.


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  • New / Eng lkdn
    Share yours first
    Feb 7 0
  • Amazon / Product thxdvne
    Continue to looking for questions. Please share.
    Feb 7 0
  • Apple woodo
    Skilled interviewer never asks direct LP question, but rather asks you to tell a story and figures what he needs on the fly.
    Feb 7 1
    • Amazon / Product thxdvne
      I agree. If you go with that definition, then many interviewers are not skilled. I am sure I will encounter more unskilled than skilled interviewers, and am open to preparing for those interviews. I appreciate your opinion, and would love that you answer my specific question if you have any info to share. Thanks.
      Feb 7
  • Boeing bawannabe
    Able to find any of these questions?!
    Jun 20 0
  • MathWorks £€€¥
    Show us yo list!
    Feb 7 0


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