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May 23 5 Comments

Anyone from Okta here, I have interview coming up for Access Fabric team or at least position says so (software engineer, access fabric). Looking for some pointers for interview.

TC: 130k
Yoe: 1 year


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  • F5 Networks / Eng <-
    That TC. Which team at F5 pays so much for 1YoE?
    May 23 1
    • F5 Networks / Eng <-
      Is this Bay Area / Seattle TC?
      May 23
  • Lending Club C!ubS&wich
    Access fabric is acquisition it is not real Okta culture so good luck and keep no hopes, good part is you are very jr and they will be happy to have you. Make sure you play dumb with kids on panel cheers :)
    Jul 9 0
  • Okta / Other wep31l
    Good luck with the interview process. I am not in engineering so cannot offer any pointers specific to your enquiry.
    Jun 23 0
  • F5 Networks container
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