Interview feedback is +ve, but team is looking for senior SE. HR is looking for other teams, does this mean reject?

Morgan Stanley gKbQ71
May 1 3 Comments

I interviewed at Uber last week, HR reached out and said Interview feedback is +ve, but team is looking for senior dev. Now HR is trying to find another team who might be interested in my profile. What does this mean? I am being considered for SE2. HR said he will get back by Friday. What are my options?

Should I move on? Or try to find team/ position myself through careers/ linkedin?



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TOP 3 Comments
  • New / Eng sr. verlis
    Same boat at Amazon
    May 1 2
    • Morgan Stanley gKbQ71
      It sucks.!
      May 1
    • New / Eng sr. verlis
      Yeah!! I would take their word for it though, they have no reason to let you down softly. I would call them in a week and ask them to set aside time for regular check-ins. My AMZN recruiter suggested that.
      May 1

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