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Interview while in the 3rd trimester (2nd child)

Tableau WorkinMama
Jan 2

I’m looking to leave my current position of 1.5 years. I’ve been tapering off on the applications (and only looking internally - different company then Tableau) as my February due date approaches.

Just landed an interview for an internal position I applied at in early November.

This is my 2nd kid...so I feel like just being upfront and saying I know the timing seems inconvenient - but I have an idea of what’s going to happen. I also worked through my 1st (after 3 months).

Should I address this at all?


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  • Microsoft 4655434b
    It could be an interesting move... legally, they cannot really ask you much about your pregnancy. If you address it first it could actually make it harder for them to use it against as now there’s a ‘record’ of the fact that this was discussed...
    Jan 20
  • Microsoft UG8Dd3
    Maybe wait until you’re back after maternity leave? You’re gonna have to ramp up on new role, leave and then re-ramp.

    Maybe you can speak to the urgency of why you need to leave your current role now? That’s what any rational human is going to ask if they end up interviewing you.
    Jan 22
    • Tableau WorkinMama
      I don’t have any preferences when I start. But are you recommending I wait to be interviewed until I deliver? This position will close by then.
      Jan 2
    • Clover Health / Engdoenfh
      Don't wait. At least take a shot at it.
      Jan 2
  • Microsoft / Eng😭🤷 t🆒
    I personally recommend waiting to interview/switch this far along. Most women are obviously pregnant at this stage and although they can't say anything, rejection for other reasons can veil the truth easily.

    A new baby presents unique struggles as each is different than the previous and might be more needy or an easier baby than your first child. I couldn't imagine having a short ramp up period with a long leave then ramping up again. Pregnancy brain is real.
    Jan 21
    • Tableau WorkinMama
      Sorry...waiting for what? To interview? Or to talk about it?
      Jan 2
  • Jet.com gtfoorgtfo
    My wife changed jobs in the 3rd trimester. She didn’t mention the pregnancy until offer signing. 3 month leave didn’t make too much difference, the only thing is that she was promoted a bit later than everyone else
    Jan 20

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