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Sep 16 2 Comments

I got an interview with blend, in which they state there will be 1 online coding challenge, phone screen, two video interviews.

Can someone tell what they ask in two video interviews?
And what about level of coding challenges?

PS: I am an international candidate and done with 110 LC by now. This is for internship.


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  • Dropbox kgRW03
    I had one of my worst interviews ever with Blend about a year ago. My interviewer was extremely monotonous, unengaged, and uninterested.

    I finished the first technical phone screen; both the first part and the follow up with compiling and running code. Didn’t move past that round.

    My interview experience in itself made me very much not want to work there.
    Sep 16 1
    • Tata Consultancy Services i++
      I am not getting any callbacks for interviews so I have to go with one which giving me chance. Can you tell me what was the level of coding questions in challenge and phone screen?
      Sep 16