Interview with another internal team

Symantec / Eng eicar
Nov 3 5 Comments

Is it good to say "I believe I am undervalued in my current position' if th y ask 'why are you leaving the other team?'

In general is this and ever good? Internally or externally?


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  • Smartsheet luxury
    Interviewer, “why are you leaving your current team!”

    Candidate, “I believe I am undervalued in my current position.”

    Red Flag

    The question is: Are you running AWAY ... or are you running TOWARD?
    Nov 3 2
    • Symantec / Eng eicar
      What are better answers. Please suggest
      Nov 3
    • Smartsheet luxury
      - You are ready to take a new challenge
      - You are passionate about the role xyz
      - You are a better fit for that team

      Be ready for the following question.

      “How would your team feel about you leaving?”
      The answer is: they value my contributions. I will mentor my peers during the transition...

      Good luck!
      Nov 3
  • No dont. Feed them some generic crap about looking for new challenges or if you did your research a tailored answer. Don’t overthink these kind of questions are not very important unless you say something really dumb
    Nov 3 0
  • Symantec / Eng eicar
    Thanks for the good suggestions, all of you
    Nov 3 0


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