Interviewing as a technical GM/Director (L8)

Amazon / Eng mgtE45
Jul 21 5 Comments

I am wondering what is the typical Interview process for a technical GM/Director at Amazon/AWS? What are technical and non-technical directions besides leadership principles asked in the interview loop, e.g. System Design, Problem Solution, People Management, Finance...


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  • Yelp BDkP87
    Is general manager a common role at Amazon? I have seen some people with gm title at amazon on LinkedIn but not sure what there actual responsibilities are.
    Jul 21 2
    • Amazon / Eng mgtE45
      At AWS for example a GM manages one or more web services including final product feature decisions, finance, technical development. A GM has typically multiple senior managers, senior product managers and principal SDEs reporting to him/her/them.

      You can think of a GM as a mini CEO ;)
      Jul 21
    • Amazon MWqF00
      Are you already at Amazon?
      Jul 21
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    And what's the TC for that level?
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