Interviewing for Software engineer role @T-Mobile

T-Mobile / Eng newlex
Aug 11 4 Comments

[Posting for a friend]

Hey there, one of my friends is interviewing for software engineer role with T-Mobile (engineering) Anyone with recent interview experience for similar positions? It would be great if you can share your experiences - kind of questions asked (leetcode style coding/system design/domain specific?). There is little to none information on this out on blind/internet..

YOE ~2 yrs



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TOP 4 Comments
  • T-Mobile lambda22
    Interview depends on team. There is no set pattern.
    Aug 11 0
  • T-Mobile gaF18,*'
    Run away
    Aug 12 1
    • T-Mobile / Eng newlex
      But why?
      Aug 12
  • T-Mobile nth
    Ppl who generally take interviews haven’t heard about leetcode so don’t expect it. You might be asked coding questions though.
    Aug 12 0