Interviewing with 2 different teams at Apple

Amazon abcdeff
Jul 25 6 Comments

I have been talking to two Apple recruiters recruiting for separate teams. Two different cities, in fact. I was wondering if one interview results could impact the other? That is, if I fail interview with team A, does that influence my chances with team B at all? Will there be notes on my profile that recruiters and hiring managers from both teams can look at? If I am more interested in one of the teams, should I proceed with that one first so there isn't a chance of any negative feedback from the other interview?


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  • Apple zoromoro
    You can interview to multiple teams at the same time at Apple, just make sure you update them.
    Jul 25 2
    • Amazon abcdeff
      That part I already understand. I am wondering if a bad interview with one team could affect the results with the other.
      Jul 26
    • Apple / Other noobsaibot
      No it will not affect the other team. Especially if they have different roles and responsibilities. It is very unlikely but as always anything is possible e.g what if both team managers know each other? Honestly I won’t be bothered about it
      Aug 4
  • Deloitte / Eng Ikillbugs
    I would be frank with the recruiters and let them know about the interviews and your preference before hand. Usually bigger companies are pretty chill about interviewing with multiple teams.
    The interview panel people does have a sit down and discussion about the candidate and the notes are passed to the recruiter. That being said it should not disqualify you for interview with the other team.
    Jul 25 1
    • Amazon abcdeff
      Both recruiters are already aware. Actually, one of them referred me to the other after I shamelessly asked. What happened is I had already applied to job A which is local to me. Then a recruiter reach out to me about job B in a different city, which I am also open to. I told him about having already applied to job A so he connected me with the recruiter for that req and so now I am in the process for both.
      Jul 25
  • Apple ianonymous
    I applied for two. Didn’t get one but got the other. I bombed the interview for the one I didn’t get but it didn’t cause any issue with the interview for the other position
    Aug 1 0


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