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Feb 12 2 Comments

Interviewing with Accenture for a Southeast region, Clinical Healthcare role. Please share feedback on company culture, interview process, and potential questions that I may be asked. Also please share any “Dos/Donts” for Interview day. Any direction and guidance is appreciated.


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  • Accenture Mulch
    You LLP or Federal side? WLB is good on federal side for me - fairly laid back, wfh, no on call or ticket queues, though this is going to be project dependent. Probably less applicable if you're a consultant. Pay sucks though. They're strict about timekeeping, which is a nuisance - you have to log your hours daily. Culture seems like normal office culture, though a lot of the initial training presents the workplace as a haven for SJWs. I'm a soyboy tho so I don't mind.
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  • Google RockLobsta
    People actually want to work for Accenture?
    Feb 12 0