Interviewing with companies is really similar to dating

Google TimFerriss
Nov 13 17 Comments

The resume screen is basically matching on some dating app (and having a decent conversation).

The first round is like the first date where you kinda feel each other out, the interview question is generally easier too.

If he/she is interested, then you schedule a second date, and so forth.

Eventually you either drop out of the process, or ask them to officially be your SO (final round). If they accept, congrats!

When dating, it’s never good to obsess over the other person. There are a lot of fish in the sea, just like companies. Being rejected is common, and isn’t something to beat yourself over. I think a lot of people on this app don’t get the last part.


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  • Apple bgjvv
    I guess I’m pretty damn good looking playboy from interviewing perspective. Get matched all the time. 🤣
    Nov 13 4
    • Apple cho Chang
      How come you’re not at FNG then?
      Nov 13
    • Salesforce peaceguy
      Nov 13
    • Microsoft / Product CloudSmith
      Get matched he said, doesn't go all the way
      Nov 13
    • Apple bgjvv
      Apple made an offer I couldn’t refuse. ;)

      Also, FB into lot of kinky stuff which I’m not comfortable with.
      Nov 13
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    You forgot the extra step where, after you ask her to officially be your SO, you're still hitting up side chicks in case what they offer is even better what your potential SO would. And you don't try to hide these chicks from her either, but you let her know what they'd offer as well so you can get her to match ("but bae, Felicia has bigger bobs so could you get implants if you become my SO? Also, Georgina makes $50k more than you, so could you promise me you'll get a job that makes as much as her within a year if we go out?")
    Nov 13 1
    • Snapchat QaH7er3PxL
      Georgina LMAO. Keep up the good work FB
      Nov 13
  • Microsoft ohokaynow
    What’s the analogy to negotiation and sharing competing offers. How do I request market value in a date?
    Nov 13 2
    • Amazon popozaø
      “Under market value” is probably like settling for someone unfulfilling for the sake of not being single.
      Nov 13
    • BBDO hPes60
      Lol how does the saying go

      “If you won’t do something in the bedroom with him, he will find another girl who does”
      Nov 13
  • AT&T / Data Mr.Fix
    Nov 13 0
  • New / Mgmt SW daddy
    And changing jobs is like breaking up
    Nov 13 0
  • Clover Network djebehd
    At least recruiters listen when you say you're not interested
    Nov 13 0
  • McKinsey jEez00
    You can come up with the whole fish and the sea thing, but doesn’t help if you never pass resume screen 😂

    Worst part about dating is you can’t get referred either...
    Nov 13 2
    • New / Mgmt benefactor
      Oh yes you can. That’s how I landed my fish 🐠 through an intro from a mutual friend
      Nov 13
    • Expedia Group / Eng negotiat
      Indians here (according to them) they get referrals from their parents all the time :)
      Nov 13
  • New


    Bank of America
    Yoe: 🦏 TC: 🐐 Still not serious about life ...
    There’s an app that provides job description in a tinder like swiping ui. Can’t remember the name. Pretty useless when I was trying it out, not sure if they exist anymore - but proves your point.
    Nov 13 0


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