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NEOGOV Papi-Chulo
Sep 20 7 Comments

i recently interviewed @ Zillow in Seattle.
after the interview in one week recruiter got back saying, i interviewed for Sr position but based on my performance Hiring Committee decided to offer me SWE position. i didnt do well in one round, so they are not sure!!

i have 2 offers at hand and the offer at hand max TC is $230K - i have a deadline for this but i liked zillow so told recruiter that i have offer and i would like to move forward faster if everything works out.

now, recruiter comes back and assured me that i will be given SWE offer for sure but if i want to - they will give me one more telephone round for Sr position.

by mistake during the conversation with recruiter i mentioned the company i have offer and also mentioned my pacakge. did i screw up!?

a) should i just take SWE or try phone round for Sr position?
b) i have deadline in 2 days for other offers, shoukd i just decline it!? feeling moraly obligated! :)
c) will recruiter take advantage of the details i have provided and will give very low package!?

lots of confusion... need help!

YOE - 6
TC - $180 in San Diego


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Amazon gjsizn
    Most deadlines are soft. Company invested a lot of money and time in you, so they don't want to lose you because of a stupid deadline.

    I would say ask other companies for more time and do another round. You are not losing anything
    Sep 20 2
    • NEOGOV Papi-Chulo
      I have asked them to postpone for 2 weeks already because of Zillow - not sure I will be able to convince more .. but I can try ...
      Sep 20
    • Amazon gjsizn
      Tell them you need another week to take such an important decision.
      Sep 20
  • eBay suarezrox
    Accept the 230k offer and interview for senior role as well. Evaluate one vs the other and take whichever makes u happy. You might burn bridges with other company but that can be easily repaired with the reason you provide.
    Sep 20 1
    • NEOGOV Papi-Chulo
      What If I accept the offer and later Zillow agrees to give Sr with better TC .. I feel bad morally! Also I am on H1-B I don't want to be wasting their resources and money for immigration etc if I am not going to join them ..

      What I am curious is - how much Zillow would give if they decide to give me SWE based on my offer at hand ..
      Sep 20
  • ADP ch48jea
    Just curious, what’s your swe tc offer at Zillow currently (before negotiation)?
    Sep 20 1
    • NEOGOV Papi-Chulo
      Recruiter didn't have any number yet!
      I expect I will get at least what I had offer at hand .. around $230k
      Question is how do I negotiate better ?
      Sep 21