Invest 45K $ - Long term

Bank of America pOlF30
Mar 9 32 Comments

Can you please tell me where I can safely invest about 45K.. With about 7-9% yield every year?


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TOP 32 Comments
  • Pinger / EngcreateπŸ’»
    First lower your expectations a bit
    Mar 90
  • Google anons2
    You can't "safely" invest in anything for 7-9%. Risk of loss equals reward. If you want "safe no loss" you have to settle for 2.5% from risk free assets
    Mar 94
    • yelloz
      What gives 2.5%
      Mar 9
    • Apple hakunanaMa
      Marcus cd 2.65% πŸ˜‚
      Mar 9
    • Salesforce nisme81
      US Bonds
      Mar 9
    • Capital One Vfua50
      Capital one Money Market 2.5 %
      Mar 9
  • LinkedIn getsitdone
    Stock market with long-term 8-10% on average (not every year, long term annual average). Three fund portfolio. Investing basics:
    Mar 90
    • Amazon HouseBezos
      Yupppp. Read Grant Cardone or Dave Lindahl
      Mar 10
  • Microsoft NewAtMS
    Short Tesla, then tweet at Elon till he says something dumb
    Mar 90
  • Google / Eng


    Top Contributor or GTFO
    Mar 91
  • Chase DaimeJimon
    8% usd? No risk, thats a lie or drugs. On average 8% stock market is ok, realization period of 20Y. ( to allow thr avg to kick in).
    Mar 90
  • Amazon newton12
    Mar 90
  • Microsoft Wiglaf
    Split four ways into growth stock mutual funds. Check each fund's history to see how it has performed over 1, 5, 10.... even 20 years.
    Mar 90
  • As many MU calls as possible
    Mar 92
  • Can also invest in box spreads
    It’s risk money with zero chance of going tits up
    Mar 101
    • eBay / IT


      You mean debit or credit spread ?
      Mar 11
  • Microsoft unfanged
    The local coop in Seattle gives 7.5% guaranteed per year for 3 years.
    Mar 91
    • LinkedIn MohakJosh
      Local coop where in Seattle? How does it work?
      Mar 9
  • Facebook FfEV64
    Define long term? Passive or active management?
    Mar 91
    • Bank of America pOlF30
      Both possible.. Mostly active..
      Mar 9
  • Salesforce Belgium
    Mar 90
  • Oracle now@google
    Risk free? Nowhere. Stock market historically gave this kind of returns over the long term. Probably will continue in the foreseeable future. Short term may lose a lot of value. If you are OK with this type of risk, look at some broad index fund.
    Mar 90
  • Broadcom Ltd. / Engnfr#$21
    Real estate crowd funding
    Mar 90
  • Unity Lvl1Crook
    Mar 90
  • Amazon / Finance


    General Motors, Owens Corning, Scottrade
    Risk and return have a positive correlation. You cannot have one without the other.
    Mar 90
  • Microsoft / EngbebK16
    What's your time horizon? If it's 10+ years, then put it in a total US market index fund. If it's less than that, there are no such safe investments.
    Mar 90
  • Salesforce gagawow
    Mar 90
  • Cisco mtr6754
    Gold, gold mining stocks, Russian blue chips. Heard some good things about Tanzanian companies paying 8% dividends
    Mar 90

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