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Jan 9 3 Comments

I am in late 20s started earning a couple years ago. Looking for options to make some investments. Any reviews on Fundrise? Would appreciate other suggestions too.

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  • Amazon ✊ThanosJS
    Yo I'm connected with ppl that invest in multifamily properties. They can get you about 15 - 18% ROI. But you do have to understand that any kind of investment is a risk... Usually real estate isn't as risky especially multifamily. Hit me up if you wanna learn more.
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  • LinkedIn


    Goldman Sachs
    Prioritize on stock/bond first, do RE when you
    1. have a lot more cash to diversify
    2. don’t need short term liquidity(~5 years)
    3. willing to deal with tax filing
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  • GoDaddy
    5"6 Indian


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    5"6 Indianmore
    Been with fundrise for a couple years. It's .... okay, I get around 12% dividends

    Note a few things though:
    - dividends are not qualified = you pay more tax on them
    - if you need your money back, fundrise is not liquid (read the prospectus for redeeming shares - iirc you don't get your full money back until 5 years)
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