Investment house

Amazon Llhg
Aug 8 18 Comments

Which place would be good for investment? For renting out the property as well.
Seattle downtown SLU, Bellevue downtown or Redmond near Microsoft Area

Houses would be less expensive in Redmond however I am concerned it may be difficult to find renters.


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  • Amazon never.more
    You don't invest in Seattle. You can't make back the amount you'll need on a monthly basis to cover mortgage + taxes + expenses. Check out website called Bigger Pockets go learn about real estate investing.
    Aug 8 13
    • Facebook public2
      Only love a couple and after a couple hundred houses. I go door to door yearly to make sure folks don't forget me.
      Aug 8
    • LinkedIn grtrdh
      Haha Amazons didn’t know that FB was trolling them.
      Aug 9
    • Facebook public2
      I am not trolling. I was serious. Most of my properties have been bought off market and though going door to door.
      Aug 9
    • Microsoft techladki
      Aren't you financially hurt by rent control laws?
      Aug 10
    • Facebook public2
      I don't own any property subject to tent control. There's almost no places anywhere subject to rent control anymore.
      Aug 10
  • Oath Atinlay2
    Aug 8 0
  • Facebook public2
    Seattle >> Bellevue >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Redmond.
    Aug 8 1
    • Amazon Llhg
      Which areas in Seattle would you recommend for rent?
      Aug 8
  • Microsoft oroC00
    If you buy now in prime locations (Bellevue,Kirkland,Redmond) the average rent will be about 2/3 of mortgage+insurance+tax and that is with 20% down. So unless you put in more cash you will not have positive cash flow, which is rule number one in real estate investing business.
    Aug 10 0