Is AT&T having Hiring Pause for Software Engineer role?

New / Eng tsla420C
Jul 11 3 Comments

Interviewed with AT&T in May and they gave me an unofficial offer. They told me that they are going through hiring pause right now so they don’t have approval from higher level. I was informed that this ban might not be lifted till July or August but I have haven’t heard from them.


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  • Microsoft vbhjejdn
    Be careful since they are very good at lay offs for outsourcing
    Jul 11 0
  • It’s the quarterly budget game. I would not bank on them giving you an official offer though - they might land on the wrong side of the budget battle. If you have other offers I would explore those in the meantime
    Jul 12 0
  • AT&T hitparade
    JazzyMcJef is spot on, happening in a few orgs atm.
    Jul 12 0