Is Amazon really that bad ?

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Jul 28 16 Comments

I have offers form Amazon and Microsoft in India. Amazon is paying more by 15 percent. But after reading all the reviews here on Blind about Amazon, it makes me wonder is it really worth it ?


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  • Microsoft


    Engineer working for msft
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  • Facebook 11040206
    Amazon is far too big to use such general terms. It is an extreme version of team dependence.
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  • Microsoft


    I write code that always work on my box!
    Microsoft culture is generally better than Amazon. Engineering and responsibilities are better/more at Amazon. But you won't care about that if you land in a bad team with backstabbing peers. If you are fine leaving in one year if end up landing in a bad team then you can chose Amazon's else Microsoft is a safer bet.
    Jul 28 0
  • Amazon / Eng AMZNBucks
    It's insane how dependent it is on what team you get. It really is
    Jul 28 2
    • This.

      People can have wildly different experiences depending on team. Although I would say on average no, the bad teams are not the majority.
      Jul 29
    • Amazon fox-
      Jul 29
  • Twitch topgunn
    if you’re a successful manager yes, if you’re an engineer no.
    Jul 28 1
    • Amazon ssss07
      Can you elaborate please ?
      Jul 28
  • Amazon / Eng AintLayd
    Yes and no. Depends on the team. Overall, it's not as bad as it seems here. The trolls and people salty over their PIP are disproportionately represented.
    Jul 28 0
  • Amazon bYSf04
    I had similar offer but in my case MS was paying 15% more than Amazon. I opted for Amazon because of work and I never regret that (though I have changed my team couple of time). Team culture really matters but you have flexibility to change team whenever you want.
    Jul 29 1
    • Amazon fox-
      Changing team isn't as flexible as it seems. You need to go through 2-3 interviews with each team. They look at your code commits, design etc. and won't entertain of u haven't done much. Many times manager put u on pip if u try to change team.
      Jul 29
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    The tech is certainly a fucking archaic mess just about everywhere in Amazon.
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  • Nutanix 1adja134
    Depends on your hiring teams
    Jul 28 0
  • Microsoft / Eng DeviousOps
    Yes it is bad... Very bad
    Jul 29 0
  • Amazon / Eng G10
    Not worth it
    Jul 29 0
  • Walmart / Eng R@G@
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