Is CNN the Breitbart of left?

Apple laksjhshe
Jan 8 36 Comments

Given the heavy bias in CNN, do you think it’s on it way towards the far left?



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  • Logitech Sigurd
    Are you serious? CNN is an international news org with a long history of of covering all kinds of current event.

    The fact that their reporting isn’t Trumps liking doesn’t turn them into the left equivalent of the self serving, fear mongering cesspool that is Breitbart.
    Jan 8 6
    • Microsoft


      Intern @ MS
      CNNs past does not absolve it’s present. The CNN of old was way different than its current iteration just like NYT and WaPi of yonder
      Jan 8
    • Logitech Sigurd
      My god, you really are slurping the koolaid straight from the Trump teat
      Jan 8
    • Microsoft / Eng Tier 1
      Agreed with Hardwork18.

      I used to respect CNN. They used to be reputable.

      This isn’t just because they’re leftists. Even NYT is roughly as far left as CNN. But NYTimes is at least reputable and up front about its bias.
      Jan 8
    • Microsoft pJcW86
      How many CNN viewers have gone into a pizza shop with a gun asking for Hillary's emails?
      Jan 8
    • Microsoft / Eng Tier 1
      Well where are her emails then
      Jan 9
    • Microsoft pJcW86
      Maybe they're on Ivanka's email server, have you looked there?
      Jan 10
  • Microsoft / Eng FwwQ08
    I have yet to see Pizzagate-level bullshit from CNN. Bias, sure, but obvious and fact-based. That is, *not* like Breitbart.
    Jan 8 1
    • Microsoft TrumpWins
      Hands up don’t shoot was a major lie that CNN pushed heavily
      Jan 8
  • Oracle eeel
    CNN has strong bias against trump for sure. But they don’t lie. They don’t invent stories that are flat out lie.

    Fox on the other hand is heaven for alternative fact aka lie.
    Jan 8 6
  • Bose boxbox
    Brietbart is fake news , trump is a fat liar and extreme right people are usually stupid or too lazy to know the truth or ( closeted ) racists
    Jan 8 5
  • Nvidia zVEC05
    It’s worse. Breitbart occasionally uncovers interesting news. CNN is nothing but the propaganda wing of the DNC.
    Jan 8 0
  • Credit Karma EllisDee25
    Lol, there’s nothing “left-wing” about CNN. As for liberal... it’s not even the liberal version of Fox News like MSNBC tries to be.
    Jan 8 0
  • Bridgewater Associates SkRG75
    Lol that a third of people said yes. FFS.
    Jan 8 0
  • Spotify KXAo87
    CNN is centrist/ conservative
    Jan 8 0
  • Oath / Eng badassmfer
    No.. but for u, truth doesn’t matter....go back and watch 🦊 fox news while reading Breitbart online.
    Jan 8 0
  • Oracle doznuts
    I think you’re thinking about Vice, Vox and Huffington Post. CNN is biased but they generally tend to give you the full story.
    Jan 8 2
    • No way. CNN was harping on about WMDs like everyone else. Most of CNNs airtime is opinion based. Very little news.
      Jan 8
    • Oracle doznuts
      But that doesn’t make it as bad as Breitbart. That would be a stretch.
      Jan 8
  • Facebook public2
    Reality has a well know liberal bias.
    Jan 8 0
  • Intel &&-9jj
    I’m guessing few people who watch CNN have spent much time on Breitbart.
    Jan 8 0
  • Microsoft *cW2x91p
    CNN is a disgrace.
    Jan 8 0
  • Google Naxnax
    I enjoy reading breitbart. They write things in an easy to digest way and they cover issues i care about
    Jan 8 0
  • Citadel msnpc
    CNN is not Breibart now, but by the time Trump is done with his presidency, they will have become Alex Jones of the left.
    Jan 8 0
  • CNN is horrible. That’s why no one watches them and they have to pay airports to air their news station.

    CNN lies like all of them. If you want real news exit the Mainstream.
    Jan 8 0

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