Is Google e-verified?

Google zXvN67
Apr 19 6 Comments

I'm currently working at Google through an employment agency, and my opt expires in 3 months and i wanna apply to opt stem. I know the USCIS doesn't allow third party employers anymore, so I want to speak to my manager about getting hired directly from Google. However, when I looked up Google on it shows that its a federal contractor but NOT e-verified.

This baffles me as there are SO many international employees at the company, so I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this and has had their opt stem at google? If so, does the location where they use e-verify matter? I'm currently working in the New York office.


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  • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
    You cannot apply for OPT telling you work at Google. But, you're actually working for a third party. That's technically "scamming"/"illegal".

    Please try to find a non third party role.
    Apr 19 2
    • Amazon xcz
      He's talking about transferring to work directly for Google, not lying about where he works. Whether Google will take him is the real question here.
      Apr 19
    • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
      Good point and thanks for pointing that out. Totally missed it.

      OP, tried looking for Alphabet? G is definitely an e-verified company. It gets thousands of new hires who are on work visa.
      Apr 19
  • TripAdvisor deprecated
    Why don't you ask HR? A company the size of Google and the masses of OPT Students it probably accepts, most probably is E-Verified.
    Apr 19 0
  • Google aLXj85
    Yes, Google is e-verified. I used my OPT to work.
    Apr 19 0
  • Google / Eng catburglar
    It has everify. Once you get hired, you'll get more information about it.
    Apr 19 0