Is Google still a high paying employer?

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Oath, Yahoo
Jan 23 17 Comments

Looking at so many posts about Google offering lower TC and/ or downleveling.

It looks like Google is no longer high paying job just like it is difficult to get high salary/ TC from Tesla and SpaceX. There are more such companies which has one of the highest interview bar but the TC is not as high as what we see from other top companies.

Mostly it is Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Netflix among the public companies which offer higher TC.

TC: 255K
YOE: 9



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  • Amazon ChiknTikka
    Nah, you just need competing offers. Google doesn't like to set market price. Not worth going through their process without evidence of market value from other offers
    Jan 23 5
    • Google pixel2
      This. Competing offer from FB and you'll be fine
      Jan 23
    • eBay gunghi
      Didn’t help in my case but maybe I botched the interview
      Jan 23
    • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
      @ChiknTikka - Qs: if your current comp is high enough & you have no competing offers, then how do you approach Google to up the TC they are offering?

      (example: current TC might be $400K -- what's the realistic expectation from Google in this scenario?!)
      Jan 23
    • Amazon ChiknTikka
      They wont look at current comp. You will get low balled without competing offers.
      Jan 23
    • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
      @ChiknTikka - thanks for that..weird interesting policies at Google!
      Jan 23
  • Google hbhj
    Google pays you fine but it starts paying you the highest once you leave the company with the ex-googler stamp
    Jan 23 2
    • New / Eng ggg1
      Jan 23
    • New / Eng
      I believe he means that having Google on your resume is the real "payoff". You may get a higher offer at your next job because of Google on your resume.
      Jan 23
  • Apple / Eng cho Chang
    Refreshers are still great after u join.
    Jan 23 0
  • Amazon gentrify
    Do you have to show proof of the competing offers and forward all the letters?
    Jan 25 1
    • Amazon eEpZ4
      How do you even do that? So you have to take multiple company interviews in short time frame, stall quick responses for slow offers, and then use that to justify more from Google?
      Jan 25
  • I got downlevelled and it was pretty sad lol. I did not have a good competing offer though
    Jan 23 2
    • Google Gkwajckg
      Jan 23
    • Yahoo / Eng

      Yahoo Eng

      Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Oracle, Netflix
      @Gkwajckg from google, what level did you join? Your YOE?
      Jan 23
  • Pinterest vaaaaanjaa
    hard to be a senior fellow anywhere else, right? gotta become a manager
    Jan 23 0
  • Facebook


    Google likes to downlevel and lowball but like ^^ said, competing offers can pull them back towards market price
    Jan 23 0