Is JP Morgan a good company to work as SWE?

Apr 30 3 Comments

Obviously it is not FAANGU but how is it otherwise in terms of TC, WLB, leadership and job challenges?


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  • Microsoft / Eng u7huyt54
    Stay away. Run.

    Begins with having to move all your assets to JPMC, Be put on a monitoring schema for any trading activities.

    Tech stack is dated, rotten. Culture is one that permeates fear vs positivity.

    The management is a demi-god that continues to believe it is above peasants like Dev. You'd have a better chance at meeting Trump vs meeting your VP.
    Apr 30 1
    • Facebook ${user}
      Average engineer is a peasant at JPMC, which makes it an even better experience
      Apr 30
  • Amazon / Eng ¯|_(ツ)_|¯
    Depends on:

    1) JPM or Chase
    2) front office (ie traders), infrastructure, etc and even then it's extremely team dependent

    For the most part I'd say it's chill bc you're a second class citizen there, for better or for worse. The spotlight is on the IB, traders, etc. not devs.
    Apr 30 0


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