Is Oracle OCI rest and vest or pip and fire?

Capital One thinkingab
Oct 5 7 Comments

I know there were recent layoffs but it seems like they're continuing to hire a ton again. I'm a little nervous about moving across the country though just to get piped or layed off in a couple months. What is performance management like there and can I expect to be there at least a year if I take the offer?


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  • Chase !me
    A little off topic, but it could help me guage if you guys answer.
    Is the interview process standard like FANG? Including LC and sys design? Or is the interview process team dependent. I am 12+ YOE with peanuts for TC at my current place. Just off my second maternity leave so very difficult to focus on the interview prep.
    Oct 5 3
    • Goldman Sachs bhaktard
      The coding questions are medium at best. I guess they no longer are looking for best talent which was the case couple of years ago. But I just interviewed with just one team so not sure about other should join If you are not on Visa.
      Oct 5
    • Chase !me
      Well, I am on H1B. Why do you suggest to join if not on Visa?
      Oct 5
    • Goldman Sachs bhaktard
      A lot of uncertainty around OCI in general.
      Oct 5
  • Oracle dragonflyy
    Without TC and other considerations, it’s hard to guide you.
    Oct 5 0
  • Oracle 8r45Aj
    Depends on the team. There is no ongoing mass layoff, if that's what you're asking. But now and again you do hear of people who got fired for reasons outside their control. If the offer is good, take it, it's generally safe.

    You'd be moving for more than the job though. The West coast is a great place to live. Unless you're one of those NY is best place on earth types, you should try it regardless of where you work. If you're good enough to crack OCI without coming from a cloud company, you're good enough to crack other interviews if needed.
    Oct 5 0
  • Google / Eng
    Mr TK

    Google Eng

    Mr TKmore
    Clay announced at the OCI all hands last month, he is hiring 1,000 engineers in Seattle
    Oct 6 0


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