Is San Diego more affordable than Irvine (OC)?

GitHub sosksj
Jun 6 5 Comments

Looking for houses <1.5M with 10/10 schools.
Thank you


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  • Zillow Group Croissants
    Def. Doable in both depending on what kind/size of house you want.
    Jun 6 1
    • Intel BOBBY_AXE
      This. 1.5m buys a lot of house in a lot of nice parts of SD...
      Jun 6
  • You don’t need to spend 1.5 in SD you can get a great house in a 10/10 school district for waaay less
    Jun 7 0
  • Pinterest invs44
    Poway, carmel valley.

    North county schools are great
    Jun 6 0
  • Snapchat / Eng SnakeSquad
    This is definitely doable in Irvine. You could get a decent home in 10/10 schools for 1.2M
    Jun 6 0