Is Slack a Buy?

Glassdoor BooshMan
Jul 19 16 Comments

I missed the boat on buying early Netflix, Facebook, and Bitcoin. I listened to skeptics who were very dismissive about it. My bad. (Twilio is paying off though!)

All that said, thoughts on buying Slack stock??


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Microsoft $€£¥
    Teams is going to kill them
    Jul 19 3
    • Apple


      Jul 19
    • / Other
      仆街 冚家鏟 Other

      仆街 冚家鏟more
      Jul 19
    • Microsoft $€£¥
      Numbers don't lie snowflakes. Check the DAU, MAU and growth rates
      Jul 19
  • Slack sl@ck
    Lol so many Microsofties commenting.
    Jul 19 1
    • Glassdoor BooshMan
      @ sl@ck what are your thoughts? Obviously biased, but that’s ok.
      Jul 19
  • Microsoft hkbest
    It's a buy! But only but Put options!
    Jul 19 1
    • Two Sigma / Eng mgre
      What an understatement
      Jul 19
  • Cruise Automation bhWc45
    Slack: put a JavaScript UI on top of IRC and rebrand it as a new company.

    That's what silicon Valley is now all about now. I remember when silicon valley was known for innovation. Now we got bullshit like "Slack".

    For your question: I honestly hope people will soon realize how bad for productivity slack is. People spend their days on it for the same reason they go to Facebook: dopamine rush.

    On top of this slack is one of those evil companies that is once more moving something that worked perfectly well over an open protocol (xmpp and IRC) to make it a closed source app with absolutely no possibility to interconnect
    Jul 19 0
  • Facebook muckz
    A growth startup whose growth had started to quickly decelerate even before IPO?? 🤣🤣🤣
    Jul 19 0
  • Google Devil
    No way - don’t even touch it man.
    Jul 19 0
  • Publicis Sapient Pouv6
    You haven't missed bitcoin yet.
    Jul 19 0
  • Microsoft / Eng Amigo4u
    Stay away. They're toast.
    Jul 19 0
  • Microsoft zazazaa
    Stay away
    Jul 19 0
  • Salesforce jeksjw
    What do they do that can't be copied?
    Jul 19 0
  • Facebook public2
    Rofl no
    Jul 19 0


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