Is Unity that bad if a company to work with?

Mar 25 9 Comments

I kept seeing posts that Unity have poor comp, bad management and leadership.

Is it true? Anyone at Unity can shed some light? This is for Engineering role.

UPDATE: the company ghosted me after multiple conversations and right before the onsite interviews. Given the comments below and how they treated me, Iโ€™d say I dodged the bullet.


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  • Unity promoLOL
    Donโ€™t work here
    Mar 29 4
    • Gusto Lmfao1313
      Could you share some insight?
      Apr 2
    • Unity ir0n-e
      Message me specific questions
      Apr 2
    • Gusto Lmfao1313
      @ir0n-e thanks for the offer. I was ghosted by the company after multiple phone conversations and right before the onsite interviews, so I decided not to go forward.
      Apr 4
    • Unity ir0n-e
      Was it Marilyn
      Apr 4
  • Microsoft momin
    john riccitiello is the CEO. The same guy who ran EA to huge losses during the PS3/360 era. Unity is a great product for indies so far though, the fact that they havenโ€™t sold themselves to Microsoft/FB/google is surprising. They just really believe they have something hot. Most of huge tech companies who want to get into AR/VR are starting to create their own editors but will take a long way to catch up. They also have Mike Acton who I respect but not sure I would want to work with.
    Mar 25 0
  • New lolamin
    Gemma B.
    Mar 25 1
  • Unity P9
    Apr 9 0


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