Is a bottle of wine every night too much?

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Eng at Hyper Anna
Jan 30 25 Comments

I pretty much drink a bottle of red wine a night, every night. I have done for about 10 years now.

Is that normal?


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TOP 25 Comments
  • Tesla ffokcuf
    Congrats. You’re an alcoholic.
    Jan 300
  • Tesla Daddy Elon
    You should ask your doctor
    Jan 300
  • Dropbox drl/handle
    How is your liver?
    Jan 300
  • Microsoft Phuckmee
    This is not only normal but below average for tech employees
    Jan 300
  • Microsoft BobbyRuper
    2 bottles is normal
    Jan 300
  • b.urntout
    I think you know the answer already. Its not normal and probably not healthy. Try to cut back now before its too late (my mother in law has done the same for the last 20 years and recently developed something that is causing her hands to gnarl up and become hard to use. Doctor says it's entirely down to the booze).
    Jan 300
  • Athenahealth tHVQ72
    The recommendation was a glass of wine, not a bottle. Talk to your doctor and the level of horror you see on their face will be your answer.
    Jan 301
    • Salesforce US_Citizen
      Wasn't that "recommendation" more of a conclusion that "people who live life in moderation are healthier than those who go to extremes"?

      And the results were correlation based, rather than causation?

      It'd be like me making a statement of "Studies find that people who are wearing parachutes tend to fall to their deaths more than those who don't" because you only put on a parachute to jump out of a plane, which carries elevated risk of something going wrong, and falling to your death. But the conclusion shouldn't be that parachutes cause elevated death rates
      Jan 30
  • Google ifyiuh
    1000 calories every night? How much do you weigh?
    Jan 300
  • Twitter Oomnj
    Was it that hard of a breakup?
    Jan 300
  • Cisco N00b-6'
    How much is the bottle? Not that it matters, but 20 bottles per month it's expensive
    Jan 303
    • Salesforce qawaaaj
      Didn’t know there were only 20 days in a month
      Jan 30
    • Amazon KHCr70
      He more likely thinks there are 40 days a month...
      Jan 30
    • Parallon YMpz83
      20 Workin need a bottle of wine to down your sorrows
      Jan 30
  • American: Alcoholic; Rest of world: Below average
    Jan 300
  • Bank of America Quackers
    This is called doing the needful
    Jan 300
  • Amazon Jеff Bezоs
    Only one bottle?!? Are you on a diet?
    Jan 300
  • New tLFu71
    Very normal if your an alcoholic. I know other ppl who do the same. It’s an unhealthy addiction and unquestionably you’re an alcoholic.
    Jan 300
  • Amazon jefe_bezos
    If you’re asking this question, you already know the answer.
    Jan 300
  • Tableau looooop
    This is the first time you are asking yourself this question in 10y? Why now?
    Jan 300
  • Amazon jtGV66
    RIP your liver
    Jan 300
  • Microsoft FBisEvil
    Yes, you degenerate alcoholic lush
    Jan 300
  • Amazon amazole
    How big is the bottle?
    Jan 300
  • Compass / Eng


    Nah it’s fine
    Jan 300
  • Deloitte career777
    Jan 300

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