Is a bust/bloodbath coming?

New / Consultant SleepyPan
Mar 28 13 Comments

With so many layoffs happening from Tesla, OCI, PayPal, Walmart to what not, is this a start of bust or is the worst over? Will we see more bloodbath?

I was too young to see the dot com crash and just starting over during financial crisis.


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  • ConocoPhillips Sham!
    People say recession every year. Then eventually it happens and “see I told you”.

    Just spend and save money reasonably. What else can you do? Switch to an “industry proof” career?

    I don’t see the point of recession fear mongering.

    Edit: except for the fact that you are already scared and misery loves company
    Mar 28 0
  • F5 Networks / Product hmm....
    Recession is definitely on the horizon. I see two signs that are of concern-

    A/ Lowering the interest rates and
    B/ Inversion of the yield curve
    Mar 28 0
  • Adobe xbid57
    I'm reading scaremongering news about 1000 layoffs in the bay area by that really a big deal given how many engineers the area has in total?
    Mar 28 3
    • No, but a harbinger of things to come when the next recession hits.
      Mar 28
    • Adobe xbid57
      One's long overdue anyway, but central banks have been staving them off by any means think one will hit this year?
      Mar 28
    • Google PageRanker
      1000 is nothing to worry about.
      When the recession hits, we’ll have hundreds of thousands jobs lost...
      Mar 28
  • Microsoft FBisEvil
    Well Tesla is a garbage company with an embezzling poser fraudster as a CEO.

    Layoffs in Walmart are worrying though. But hey, we haven’t had a recession in 10 yrs. does anyone really think the fed has eliminated the business cycle?
    Mar 28 0
  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    Google, Oracle
    worked at Oracle, then Google, now Facebook.
    No worry. Those are shithole companies anyway.
    Mar 28 0
  • New / Mgmt strategize
    Instacart is having layoffs as well.
    Mar 28 1
  • Facebook chromeo
    I love Tesla. Their layoffs are more about a dynamic company that’s cutting away some unneeded jobs. It’s different than an established tech giant.

    The last 2 recessions were associated with a massive bubble in some kind of asset (for dot coms it was tech stocks and the financial crisis it was housing) followed by a massive correction. What’s that asset today?

    I can see the economy slowing down (it already is). That doesn’t mean it’s a recession. We’ve had incredible run of growth over the last 8-9 years.
    Mar 28 0
  • This week, Intel just laid of 200+ people in the Bay Area and more in other locations. IT group completely outsourced to Infosys. The longest bull run in history? Yeah, it's gonna end like all things, but if I could tell you when exactly the crash is happening I wouldn't be on blind.
    Mar 28 0
  • Apple procto
    There are fears of recession generally. High priced cars could be a tough sell for a few years.
    Mar 28 0


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