Is anyone actually working post Thanksgiving

Amazon / Eng


Google, GlobalLogic
Nov 30, 2018 3 Comments

It's been an entire week and recruiters aren't responding on interview feedback, attorney in current company aren't responding for queries. Office space looks pretty much empty. I wonder if anyone wants to return to work after 2 days of holidays.

PS: traffic situation in Bay area is still an exception


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Uber buzzbazz
    Plenty of people are working after the holidays, just not bankers ...
    Nov 30, 20182
    • New DuQvV7x
      Not quite correct.

      Retail & Commercial banking - massive holiday spending
      Investment Banking - Tax loss & portfolio rebalance
      Mortgage - Quick close deals to get current tax year benefits
      Nov 30, 2018
    • Uber buzzbazz
      Thanks for the correction
      Dec 1, 2018

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