Is apple refreasher only give to top performers?

Amazon Shaa
Jun 11 10 Comments

I heared from a ex-apple that 25% of refresher only apply to less than half top performers, i thought it should be everyone? If this is team specific, hows siri team?


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Google 4EVR
    It's refresher - not refreasher. My OCD is killing me here
    Jun 11 1
  • Uber didify
    25% as in your hiring bonus is 100k RSUs and 100k cash you get 25k RSUS and 25k cash?
    Jun 11 0
  • Apple kICY04
    Nope. Only low performers don’t get it. At ict4 if you get meets in all 3 you will probably get 50k-70k refresher.
    Jun 11 3
    • Lam Research rektkid
      Dude wtf ! Why so low.. people here post 90-160 k for ict4..
      Jun 11
    • Apple Swifti
      I got 6/9 and 120K (100K Rsu + 20K Bonus) last year.
      Jun 11
    • Nvidia monolith_
      Depends on Orgs as well.
      Jun 11
  • Apple mkna63aapl
    Swifti what’s your base?
    Jun 15 1
  • Apple Swifti
    It depends on the manager and his/her skip.
    Jun 11 0


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