Is cloudera still a good company to join?

Microsoft soprash
Oct 3 9 Comments

Hey guys,

I recently interviewed at cloudera. I liked the interviews, work culture and the whatsoever info I could get from LinkedIn contacts.
But the company's stock price is super low. Which means business is down.
Is it a good enough company where I can see my future for 3-4 years?

I am not sure about joining but work culture seemed good. The work that I would be doing if I join is good. But need other opinions, specially from people who had worked there/ working there.


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  • Symantec drthvader
    Don’t see any good product from them. They had great product once but not anymore. All are open source products and competitors are tearing them apart. Stay away from open source companies.
    Oct 3 0
  • Their team in Austin sucks. My friend resigned due to office bully few weeks ago.
    Oct 3 2
    • Microsoft soprash
      That's bad...
      Oct 3
    • Microsoft soprash
      @aloha0101 - Any particular reason for this?
      Oct 3
  • Cloudera jkjklol
    Depends which org you’re joining. Some orgs are shitshows, others are doing just fine and retaining a lot of talent. If you are more specific about which department I can probably be more helpful
    Oct 9 1
    • Nutanix dwight_sch
      How's the Cloudera Hive team ?
      Oct 21
  • Roku RokuRoku
    What was the interview like at Cloudera? Did you end up joining?
    Oct 13 0
  • Cloudera strstream
    If we can turn things around then there’ll be good upside. Which team?
    Oct 4 0
  • Microsoft soprash
    Anyone who knows what's going on within?
    Oct 3 0


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