Is higher education (after UG) necessary for promotions?

New nDtt56
Jun 19 6 Comments

I have completed my UG and going to join Amazon.

Is MS in CS necessary for promotions in later years of my career?

More specifically, is there anything like "This is the maximum title you can get with just a UG degree."

Are there any obstacles(like pay, not valuing your opinions etc) in any form in your career because you didn't have a Masters degree?

Does experience beats higher education when it comes to pay? (Assuming you perform the same in interview)

I don't have any interest to study for 2 more yrs (Unless I get into elites like MIT, Stanford which I can't)



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TOP 6 Comments
  • Oath Atinlay2
    Here we go again
    Jun 19 0
  • Google Jeremey
    No way. Those pieces of paper are irrelevant.
    Jun 19 0
  • Gap / Eng randUser
    Absolutely not.

    But I could be speaking out of my ass, I'm a junior engineer.
    Jun 19 0
  • Microsoft theBoz
    Not at Amazon or Microsoft or any big SW company.. Specific degree requirements just aren’t a thing, not even for junior engineers. It’s a diversity thing now.
    Jun 19 0
  • Microsoft leetworld
    No barriers in America. It's possible in Europe and Asian countries.
    Jun 19 0
  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    Ask your manager. It baffles me people are hesitant to ask these questions to their bosses. It’ll be also a good entry into a conversation about your growth path
    Jun 19 0


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