Is it common that TC drops a lot after 4 years and all stocks are vested?

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Jul 1 4 Comments

No changes on the base and bonus but much less stocks per year (only from refreshers)

Does it mean I am an a under performer that it is a way to manage me out or it is a common company policy?


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  • Cisco
    Yes, if you’re not a top performer you wouldn’t be getting the big refreshes to avoid the cliff. The company is okay with letting you explore elsewhere
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  • New / Eng QTdN03
    It’s a sign that it’s time to switch companies so you can boomerang back in a few more years for another initial grant.
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    Punani Other

    Leave them before they force you to leave. Leetcode is your friend
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  • Uber / Eng itsdara
    Yes unless you carry the whole team
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