Is it general for a HR to chase and keep call you with “no caller ID”?

Amazon =bsizbn
May 30 4 Comments

I’ve received several calls from unknown person who says he has some opportunities for a company in Chicago.

In the first call the guy did not ask whether it was the right time for me and kept talking about the position. I asked him to send email to me with the information of the position.

And I told him I’ll be on vacation for a week and he called me during the vacation. I then told him I did not have plan to change but may ask some friends.

He called me again today with “ no caller ID “ asking how do I think about the position!

Is it unprofessional for a recruiter?


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  • Twitter Oomnj
    Only if you’re being recruited for DARPA
    May 30 1
    • Amazon =bsizbn
      Sorry my bad. My point is not the no caller ID. My point is I feel that guy is not professional and not respectful. The company is NXT Capital
      May 30
  • Or it’s a scam. If you answer they will email you and ask for you social, dL, number and date of birth. Make sure you respond quickly so as to keep the process going.
    Jun 2 0
  • When they call mash the number buttons on your phone so it sounds like a fax machine.
    May 30 0