Is it good for international students to study elsewhere than pursue advanced degree in the US given the Visa problems

VMware HygO44
Feb 6 14 Comments

I have nephew from India looking to pursue his advanced degree -MS Comp Science in the US or Australia and has acceptance from few good universities in Australia but relatively lower ranked ones in the US. Which country do you think he should prefer?

Some universities in Australia that he been selected for are :

University of New South Wales
University of Technology Sydney
The University of Sydney
University of Adelaide
Monash university

Universities in US he has been selected:
Colorado state Univ, Fort Collins
Arizona state Univ


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  • RingCentral


    Yahoo, Oath
    One life to live!
    Yeah. Please. US is already full. Australia Rocks!
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  • Amazon BfRx68
    Go to a good university in Canada, UK or Australia. I came here to do a bachelors and yeah I got a good job. But still stuck in this god damned green card backlog. Will be leaving for Canada soon. If you study in Canada, your time there counts towards your citizenship. By the time your nephew is done, he will a Canadian citizen and can come to US on a TN visa if needed.
    Feb 6 0
  • Cisco FXzH34
    If he wants to live in Australia then AU university, if he wants to leave in USA then US university.
    Feb 6 0
  • Cisco


    Juniper Networks
    Why not Canada? It is hard I heard to become legal resident or new citizen in Australia.
    Feb 6 1
    • Amazon jacksap
      Australia is as easy as Canada if you study computer science
      Feb 6
  • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
    Lotsa things can be said & written on this topic.
    Long story short: bad time to come to USA and find a job in USA after graduation.
    I know a bunch of MS students from much better universities than ASU struggling terribly right now.
    Feb 6 0
  • Amazon ury6t
    Were there none in India?
    Feb 6 0
  • Amazon jacksap
    US any day.If he gets into a good company after graduating he can go to Australia anytime.
    Feb 6 0
  • What’s the purpose of study? To gain exposure to us education or use study as an excuse to come here and then stay back and get in h1/gc ocean post study?

    I would choose us education as you would have value both in us and India.

    I don’t know how’s the job market in Australia or Cananda or even London if he was to relocate there.

    However a low end us university won’t really help him.
    Feb 6 1
    • Facebook tGTv63
      Low end us University does not help true.
      But it's a very rare case that people only come to us to get education. Of course they want to get a job or there is no point over paying for education you can get in India too.
      I would choose us education as it has value in india?
      Nobody gives a shit unless it's MIT or Standford.
      Feb 6
  • VMware HygO44
    Thank you all, I would like gain different perspectives and didn’t have an opinion one way or other before posting this. The only country I lived outside India is the US.
    For those of you asking why not in India, it’s hard as hell to get into a good university (IIT or Iisc) , it’s probably easier to get into a better university outside India
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  • Okta doomsday
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  • New C5xdb
    Ask him objective. This seems very vague
    Feb 6 0
  • Cerner / Eng Zenobia
    I have friends from ASU. It’s an Ok univ. Did he get rejected from other US univ or just waiting?

    I think there is no guarantee on visa anywhere. So depends upon his interest in the field and courses each univ is providing. If worried about visa, he can try applying to Canada as well.
    Feb 6 0