Is it normal to eat weed edibles everyday?

Amazon mamazonian
Jan 4

Earlier it was once a week. Then I started with few times a week. And now almost everyday. Is it normal?


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  • Microsoft


    Google, Apptio, Enzymax
    Yes for a pot head.
    Jan 44
    • Amazon mamazonian
      I am not a pothead, but worried if I ll become one soon
      Jan 4
    • Oracle Leadpaint
      The first stage of addiction is denial lol JK
      Jan 4
    • Nielsen / Eng


      If you're eating edibles for no medical reason every day, you're a pot head.
      Jan 4
    • Capital One ninja20
      Nice one
      Jan 4
  • Dropbox QqLQ41
    No...early stage of addiction. Simple test can you act normal without eating it for 2 weeks?
    Jan 40
  • Google giriska
    Yes, early stages of addiction. There’s a line between abuse and enjoyment for everything, some people can tread the line very well and others can’t.

    It looks like you can’t based off of the post and it’s best to quit when that happens.
    Jan 41
    • Intuit . 🤖
      While I agree with this sentiment, it’s not like it’s opiates. Or to state it in other words, it’s much easier to go cold turkey from marijuana than it is from opiates. Conversely, I don’t mean to suggest that OP shouldn’t care for their health.
      Jan 4
  • to give you anecdotal perspective, and for what it’s worth, i do not have a pot brownie every day
    Jan 40
  • Twitch / Opsemo
    I vape or eat edibles mostly every night. There is no “normal”, but I can tell you that there is no history of abuse or addiction in my family, my therapist knows / advises me on my usage, and when I want to stop I can. I don’t feel the need to use when I’m out in the country or spending time with friends / family. It’s mostly to help cope with everyday stress / insomnia / anxiety.

    I know a lot of people with alcoholism and the traits are very different. They try to cover it up, they make decisions that jeopardize the health and safety of their friends / family, they get super defensive about their usage.

    I view pot the same as wine or beer. Some people like to have a glass of wine to unwind, I like mj haha
    Jan 42
    • Intel / EngxdCS17
      Have you tried just CBD or a low THC/high CBD strain? May be a way to get relaxation without the negative effects of prolonged THC use.
      Jan 4
    • Salesforce tensorchic
      One of my closest friends smokes around 2 joints a day and he's among the kindest and calmest people I know. He too, doesn't need to do it on vacation. I think it's not as harmful as wine or beer.
      Jan 20
  • Microsoft ULrV32
    What kind of job do you have where you can just pop edibles? Jesus this is some next level ish right here.! Must have a big tolerance I assume
    Jan 41
  • Salesforce tensorchic
    What's the THC percentage in what you consume?
    Jan 200
  • Intel / EngxdCS17
    Every day is going to mess up with your cognitive performance, and build up your tolerance. Unless you have a real medical reason, I would do it twice a month at most.
    Jan 40
  • Splunk hsr62ki
    It's better than taking pharmaceuticals
    Jan 40
  • Intel Intelegacy
    Quite normal. Nothing wrong in it if you can afford it.
    Jan 40

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