Is it ok to have a passion dream about ex ?

Apple / Engclaimer
Jan 10

I dreamt being intimate with an ex whom I have not even thought of in more than 1 decade .
Btw I’m married (to a different women now)
Wonder if it is normal ? Probably not in my control ?
Has anyone else had a similar dream?


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  • Amazon DrtyS
    Jeff bezos is this you????
    Jan 100
  • Google / Eng


    This is absolutely not OK. You have cheated and the right thing to do is file for divorces with all the women you are married to. Then go to a Tibetan monastery and repent for the rest of your life.
    Jan 102
    • Microsoft naaam
      This is the right answer. Celibacy for life.
      Jan 10
    • Salesforce lozere
      Jan 10
  • Postmates j☀️
    Whatever makes you have a nightfall mate..
    Jan 100
  • Amazon what¿
    It is in your mind, completely normal. Your brain just processes things during sleep.

    Just be careful not to sleep talk !!
    Jan 100
  • Salesforce lozere
    Enjoy the dream. It's the universe giving you free happiness. Why do you want to analyze it?
    This isn't even a thought crime. It's involuntary for God's sake.
    Jan 100
  • Thoughtcrime is not real crime.
    Jan 100
  • Amazon 1700zulu
    We don’t police thoughts. And especially not what we experience in our dreams. A dream is an unconscious expression and way of dealing with something. Let it go.
    Jan 110
  • Google / Engyogi bear
    I dream about my first gf couple times a year but I know my wife is the best thing in my life. why bother, it's just a dream.

    if you think too much about it it may not be okay.
    Jan 100
  • Amazon / EngGHskann
    Just roll over and die. Obviously 🙄
    Jan 100
  • Intuit tgfi
    Seriously, grow up mate. Also if your ex is single, phone number?
    Jan 110

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