Is it reasonable to look for a job with a certain tech stack or should I look for company, growth, and $?

New OOyN36
Sep 18 8 Comments

I'm a JavaScript/NodeJS developer. I gained proficiency in the language and want to broaden my skill set. I thought of applying for Java positions.
But I wonder whether it's a smart choice. JS and Java have come quite close to each other and programming concepts are quite similar throughout the different languages. Also, I would compete with those who got 5+ years of Java experience and I won't look good doing that.
So, should I rather look for company and $ with my current tech stack and later transition within that company to a Java position?


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  • Alation tempuser4
    You lost my respect at "JS and Java have come quite close"
    Sep 18 3
    • New OOyN36
      With ES6 you now have classes.
      With Java9+ you now have lambda expressions, var variables, immutables
      Sep 18
    • Cisco 72PO
      stop before you further embarrass yourself.
      Sep 18
    • Salesforce risingup
      Java is an old tech. You need 10,000 lines to write hello world.

      OP I'd suggest you to learn python or go that would you polyglot and more marketable
      Sep 18
  • Microsoft / Eng ERlc58
    Growth and $ trump technology
    Sep 18 0
  • Reliable Software / Eng Atinlay5
    You don't have spring like bloated framework in node yet. 😂 Spent an entire day getting spring security Saml to work. God dammit
    Sep 18 0
  • SparkPost / Product g2b2g
    Choose what best fits your professional goals. If you want to stay on top of hi-tech go that route. If you're in it for the $$$ find the best fit and get that bread.
    Sep 18 0
  • Broadridge / Eng wolfmonkey
    I'd look for growth, companies and $$ with my tech stack but that also uses Java, and then transition/expand from there.
    Sep 18 0


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