Is it too difficult to get job in Netflix?

New / Mgmt gauravp
Jan 27 10 Comments

My dream company is Netflix. I have three years of media experience in operations and overall 10 years of experience.
I heard Netflix policies are too rigid and it’s really difficult to get and sustain a job there. Is it true?


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  • Indeed tookerjerb
    What makes Netflix your “dream company”? Besides TC, of course.
    Jan 27 5
    • Capital One da2de2se
      Must be a die hard fan of the original Netflix original : house of cards
      Jan 27
    • Verizon / Product SnoopDoge
      For every 1 decent netflix original there is 20+ mediocre ones.
      Jan 27
    • Amazon / Eng relphy
      Not OP, but Netflix is my dream company as well. Small company means less bureaucracy. Very high, all cash comp. engineers have autonomy do figure what to do and how to do it. Poor performers aren’t tolerated.

      I’d apply in a heartbeat if it didn’t mean moving to the bay.
      Jan 27
    • New @(^_^)@
      I read the culture deck and a lot of it resonated with me.
      Jan 27
    • New / Mgmt gauravp
      It’s a combination of tech and media operation. Like other studios (WB,NBCU, Deluxe etc) works in very traditional ways.. I’m specifically talking about media operations point of view.
      Jan 28
  • Facebook / Eng intaview
    Not hard to get a job there, but hard to stay hired. They hire fast but also fire fast.

    Read their culture deck if you haven't.
    Jan 27 1
  • Facebook public2
    No, lots of people work there...
    Jan 27 0
  • Netflix isitme
    Not hard to get in, but hard to stay in if you are not a top performer.
    Jan 28 0